I know……it’s not even Halloween yet.  But I’m already thinking about Christmas.  Specifically what to do for N and G’s teachers this year.  I came up with the idea to do “12 days of Christmas” for the teachers.  Which means a lot of work on my part.  What better way to get motivated but to convince the crafty best friend to be a part, right?  I mean who wouldn’t want to bless their kids’ hard working teachers with 12 handmade gifts? Well,……she didn’t need much convincing! She just needed some ideas to “visualize” the gifts.  Thank you Pinterest! For all the pics I was able to use to convince Anita she needed to go on this long journey with me. LOL.  And thanks to all you original pinners out there that give us copy-cat-ers wonderful motivation that we, too, can make beautiful things. It’s a good thing we have plenty of time between now and Christmas to get all these gifts done!

So the 1st project for the “12 days” was these card holders.  We did this in two sessions.  Sorry, but I only took pics of the 4 that I made. But hers and mine were pretty much identical.

And because I apparently have too much time on my hands, I decided to do the “12 days” with the kids’ secondary teachers as well.  Since they spend basically half their time with them as well, I feel like they deserve just as much love and appreciation.  (I just hope I don’t try and talk myself outta this in a few weeks when I attempt to make all the yarn wrapped LOVE bottles for them all.  Let me do the math for you…..that’s 16 bottles that take me over an hour a piece to make.)

On to the whole reason you are tuning in……

These clear boxes from Stampin Up are meant to hold stamp sets.  But they also neatly house 6 cards and envelopes.

Here are a TON of pics for you to feast your eyes on!


For the Black and white, I wanted to keep the cards simple.  So I left them all blank so she can use them how she wants.


Here is a pic of all of them lined up.  And here is a close-up:


Next, for the pink, I wanted to do a variety.

Here’s the 6 cards for it:







Here’s a picture of the other 2 boxes for the secondary teachers:


For the one on the right, I duplicated many of the layouts and designs used in the first pink one. Here’s the pics for it:


Well, looky there.  I figured out how to put pics in a row instead of stacked.  Hum.  Guess you do learn something new everyday.

Here’s the last random three in the set:



Interesting…..horizontal pics can’t be buddied up.  I guess I’ve learned two things today.

And finally, for the last set, we decided to go with one design, but different words.  Leaving two blank.  Drum roll please….



and the blank: (they were both the same, so didn’t figure you wanted to see both!)


Thanks for stopping by!


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